Two Hands (not clapping)

for solo performer and motion tracking system


For the past 13 years I have worked with dancers using interactive computer systems. I have used motion sensors worn by the dancers and camera-based systems to “watch” the dancers’ movements and transform these into sound. In working with these systems I often found myself waving my hands in front of my own computer in order to test software, hardware, interaction and musical ideas. I decided that the time had come for me to compose and perform a solo work. Two Hands (not clapping) is a piece for solo performer and computer. The camera image from the built-in web-cam on a laptop computer is divided into twelve fields, each controlling a sound. The sounds respond to my hand gestures, allowing me to perform a sort of ritual: taking on the role of something between a magician and a conductor. Two Hands (not clapping) was commissioned by the Dark Music Days (Reykjavik) 2010 with financial support from the Danish Arts Foundation. The work has since been performed by Wayne Siegel at the Nordic Music Days, Stockholm (2012), Louisiana Museum of Art, Denmark (2013), Helsinki Concert Hall (2013), Frosinone, Italy (2013) as well as numerous other venues in Denmark. In 2012 Two Hands (not clapping) was awarded a prize of excellence by the Danish Arts Foundation.

Download programme note as PDF: Two Hands (not clapping)