for mezzo soprano and electronics


Terra was composed for the Danish mezzo soprano Helene Gjerris and later widely performed by Christina Dahl. The work is in three section with lyrics by the composer.

Meaning, seeming, being, dreaming
Feeling, seeing, kneeling, leaning
Gleaming, needing, singing, sleeping
Shining, showing, sharing, knowing
Moving, falling, calling, moaning
Dawning, growing, wanting, flowing
Waking, naming, changing, waiting
Taking, caging, chaining, failing
Aching, hanging, aging, changing

Did you change
Did you change the channel?
Did you change it?
Did you?

I Dreamed
I dreamed there was meaning.
I was sleeping but I know I was singing.
The dawn was growing and I was waking.
I was waiting, trying to name the waiting.
I felt the chains and the aching.
The light was failing and the song was changing.

Download programme note as PDF: Terra