Bug of the Week – a backyard symphony in 52 movements

Bug of the Week is a series of 52 short (30-second) electronic movements inspired by tiny creatures found in our garden. A new bug will be presented for each week of 2021.
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In the field of entomology the term bug (or true bug) refers to a specific suborder of insects known as Heteroptera, which consists of many families, each containing a sizable number of different species.

My wife, Elisabeth, is an amateur macro photographer and entomology buff. She finds and photographs insects without harming them, mostly in our garden in Malling or near our cabin in Virksund, Denmark. She uses books and online resources to determine the precise species whenever possible.

I am ever amazed that she finds such a variety of tiny, wonderful and beautiful creatures year-round literally in our own backyard. I decided to create 52 very short pieces of music inspired by photos of 52 different bug species: one for each week of the year. I have limited myself to photos of bugs that Elisabeth took at approximately the same time of year that it is shared here.

We hope you will enjoy these short videos and feel free to share them with others.