Three Canons

for two guitars (16′)


Three Canons for two guitars was commissioned by the guitar duo/couple Leif Christensen and Maria Kämmerling with support from the Danish Art Council. The piece was completed one month before Leif Christenen’s tragic death in January 1988 and was therefore never performed by the two guitarists. The piece consists of three movements, all three of which use strict canon technique. That is, the two guitar parts are exactly the same, but they are performed delayed in relation to one another. Each of the three movements has its own character and canon technique is often used in such a way that the technique is hidden. The first and second movements are performed without a break. The three movements are dedicated to Leif Christensen and Maria Kämmerling. The work has been performed widely by the Danish Guitar Duo as well as the Assad Brothers. It is available on CD on the Point label recorded by the Danish Guitar Duo (PCD 5120).

Download programme note as PDF: Three Canons