Dive (2017-2020, 7:00)

for solo instrument and computer (versions for cello, guitar, bass flute and baritone saxophone)

Dive was originally created as the second movement of Three Studies for Cello and Computer composed in 2013 for the Danish cellist Henrik Brendstrup. A digital signal processing technique called convolution is used to morph the sound of the instrument with recordings of splashing water, ocean waves and bubbles. Each sound the soloist produces is instantly transformed into a kind of stretched water-instrument. The movement is a slow, ambient drone with embellished melodies played by the soloist.

Dive has been adapted from the original cello version to several other instruments in collaboration with various soloists. The version for bass flute was created in collaboration with the Danish flautist Marie Sønderskov and released as a video in 2017. The version for guitar and computer was adapted in collaboration with the Danish guitarist Jakob Bangsø and realeased on the CD Connect on the DaCapo label in 2018. A version for baritone saxophone was released as a video by the Czech saxophonist Kateřina Pavlíková in 2020.

Watch Kateřina Pavlíková’s video: