Excerpt of a permanent sound installation at the monument Dodekalitten, Kragenæs, Denmark

Trio for percussion, motion-tracking system and robot-controlled pipe organ

Excerpt of a 45-minute performance of Trio for percussion, motion-tracking system and robot-controlled pipe organ.
Aarhus Symphony Hall, May 9th, 2015.
Henrik Knarborg Larsen, percussion
Wayne Siegel, computer
Organ by Klais Orgelbau, Bonn

Everyone Talks about the Weather

Excerpt of a 6-hour concert for robot-controlled pipe organ and weather satellite
at Musikkens Hus in Aalborg, Denmark on September 20th, 2015.

No Water, No Moon

Exerpt of a work for solo performer and motion-tracking system.

Two Hands (not clapping)

Wayne Siegel
composer and performer
interactive sound using computer vision
excerpt of a performance recorded live on November 18, 2013
MuteFest 2013, Helsinki Music Centre, Black Box

Pandoras gave (Gift of Pandora) trailer

Short trailer of a dance Installation at the ARoS Museum of Art in Aarhus, Denmark. April 20, 2011.
Music: Wayne Siegel
Choreography: Marie Brolin-Tani
Costume design: Charlotte Østergaard

Drowning/Burning (short demo), interactive sound installation by Wayne Siegel

Drowning/Burning is an interactive sound installation created for the Skive Museum of Art and premiered on June 12, 2010 and exhibited until August 29, 2010. With its anonymous look the big, black box does not quite show what it contains – when stepped upon it burst into a roaring inferno of sampled sounds of water and fire. Drowning/Burning was supported by TEKNE produktion, The RoyaI Academy of Music and The Skive Museum of Art.


Excerpt from the Ballet “Nykker”
Choreography: Louise Friis
Music: Wayne Siegel
Dancers: Liv Sanz & Vittoria Lazorella

Sisters for two dancers and interactive sound

for two dancers and computer
Choreography by Marie Brolin-Tani
Sound and interaction design by Wayne Siegel
Video recording of a live performance in 1998

Room #1, 3D video by Jette Gejl with sound by Wayne Siegel