Works with Live Electronics


November Ritual 2023, for flute, percussion, voice and electronics, (55’)
(featuring Shashank Subramanyam, bamboo flute, Parupalli Phalgun, percussion, Mira Siegel, vocals and Wayne Siegel, electronics)

Salamander (2019) for baritone sax and electronics (11’)
(addition versions for trombone and bass clarinet)

November Ritual 2019, for trumpet, harp, voice and motion-tracking system (25’)

Dive (2017) for solo instrument and computer (7′)

Ritual (2016)for solo performer and motion-tracking system (15’)

Trio (2015) for percussion, motion-tracking performance system and robot-controlled pipe organ (45′)

Three Studies (2013) for cello and computer (15′)

Librarian’s Nightmare (2013) for shouting audience and solo performer (5′)

No Water, No Moon (2013) for solo performer and motion-tracking system (15′)

The Gift of Pandora (2011), dance performance (30′)

Two Hands (not clapping) (2009) for solo performer and motion-tracking system (15′)

Jericho 2.0 (2008) for two trombones and computer (11′)

Close Orbit (2005) for mezzo soprano, guitar and electronics (45′)

Guernica (2001) for clarinet, percussion, violin, contrabass and computer (12′)

Terra (2000) for mezzo soprano and electronics (15′)

Sisters (1998) for two dancers and computer (13′)

Match II (1998) for flute and computer (14′)

Movement Study (1997) for solo dancer and computer (15′)

Match I (1996) for percussion and computer (15 ‘)

Jackdaw (1995) for bass clarinet and computer (10′)
(addition versions for trombone and bass clarinet)

Tracking (1990) for string quartet and computer (17′)

Netværk (1989-94) for four composers and four computers (60′)

Supreme Sacrifice (1981) for keyboards, voice and electronics (16′)

Street Music (1981) for keyboards and electronics (15′)

Voices Recurrent (1980) cello and delays (15′)

Rosewood Afternoon (1980) for guitar and delays (16′)

Autumn Resonance (1979) for piano and electronics (25′)