Outside-In Suite

site specific 12-channel composition for the Royal Library, Copenhagen (2017)

Outside-In Suite  is a site-specific sound composition created for the Black Diamond’s permanent 12-channel sound system, which is installed in the Atrium of the Royal Library overlooking Copenhagen harbour. The work is based on the the Wayne Siegel’s permanent sound installation Outside-In which can be heard for about 3-4 minutes at 1:00 PM daily at the Black Diamond.

The installation Outside-In consists of nearly 100 short sections, each slightly over one minute long. Every time the composition is played, various sections are selected and combined. The choice of sections, section order and overlap time between sections is determined by the computer program according to a set mathematical rules. The composition is unique for each performance and always unpredictable, even for the composer.

Space Series

Outside-In Suite is a longer composition based on the sound materials used in Outside-In. The sound material consists mainly of sounds recorded in natural surroundings and then electronically processed. Many of the natural sounds are easily recognizable, but they will often be heard in strange combinations alongside other musical and electronic elements. The Black Diamond is transformed into a surrealistic natural scene and the sound system of the Atrium is used to create a unique and magical space. 

Duration: 13:22

Premiere performance: November 4th, 2017.