Celebration for Robot-Controlled Pipe Organ and Weather Satellite

6 Feb 2023 - 21:30


Celebration (dur. 60 min.) for robot-controlled pipe organ and weather satellite to be performed in Symphony Hall at The Concert Hall Aarhus. The piece is composed and performed by a computer connected directly to the large Klais organ without human intervention.

In Celebration the computer generates rhythms, melodies and harmonies according to a specially designed generative system. The computer is linked to the Meteosat-10 weather satellite, and data from the weather satellite influences the program. Each performance of the work is unique and dependent on the weather in a large area of northern Europe stretching from Poland to a point west of Iceland. The computer creates the music live, performing on the four manuals and pedals of the organ using several different generative techniques that intertwine with each other.

Admission is free

For more information see: http://waynesiegel.dk/?page_id=1302