for string quartet and computer (17′)


Tracking was commissioned by the Kronos Quartet and the Danish Radio and premiered in Copenhagen in October 1990. The computer part was realized at DIEM’s studio in Aarhus, Denmark. The electronics are used as an extension of the acoustic instruments. The computer controls both sound treatment of the live musicians as well as a number of synthesizer, which play digitally altered string sounds as well as completely synthetic material. The digitally altered string sounds were created by recording string instruments and treating these sounds by means of frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, various types of filtering and spectral inversion. The synthetic sounds were created by means of frequency modulation. Sound treatment of the live instruments includes pitch shifting, reverberation and delay. The synthesizers as well as the live treatment and the balance between live instruments and electronic sounds are controlled by a computer synchronized with the musicians.

Tracking has been performed at concerts and festivals around the world by the Kronos Quartet and the Smith Quartet. The work was recorded by the Smith Quartet and released on the DaCapo label in 1996.

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