Three Lorca Songs

for a capella choir


From Seis caprichos
by Frederico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936)

commissioned by the Vocal Group Ars Nova with support from the Danish Arts Foundation

1) Adivinanza de la guitarra 2) Candil 3) Crotalo

Seis caprichos are found in the early collected poems of Poema del cante jondo (Poems of the Deep Song, 1922-23). Cante jondo is a form of Andalusian popular music, better known as Flamenco. The short and intense lyrics that accompany this musical style were a revelation for Lorca, though he was quite aware of the dangers of cultural abuse involved in borrowing inspiration from the genre. If Lorca found the use cante jondo dangerous, my use of LorcaÕs poems might be considered even more hazardous. What seduced me into using the poems was their obvious musical quality and their liveliness of rhythm. Lorca too was a composer. I have revealed the folkloristic aspects only very faintly and in very few sections. Musical inspiration is taken mostly form other sources, while the rhythms of the language are followed without alteration.

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