Summer Solstice Concert at Dodekalitten, Lolland

Summer Solstice Concert
Dodekalitten, Kragenæs, Lolland
Friday, June 21st, 2019

This Summer Solstice event is conceived as a single musical entity performed within the huge monument, Dodekalitten with Thomas Kadziolas sculptures as the backdrop. The concert will be performed on the new permanent 6-channel sound system recently installed at Dodekalitten. The audience and performers will move freely within the stone circle surrounded by sound from the 6 speakers. The music grows out of Wayne Siegel’s permanent sound installation, Solkreds. The musicians improvise with the sound installation and gradually a new composition develops: Summer Solstice. A traditional Danish song will be sung by the audience accompanied by Solkreds. Later, the band MIRA will play songs inspired by Celtic music. And finally the sound installation Solkreds will return to play until the sun goes down.

Prior to the concert Wayne Siegel will talk briefly about his sound installation Solkreds.

Jakob Buchanen

19:00 – 19:00 welcome and introduction
19:15 – 19:30 Solkreds –permanent sound installation by Wayne Siegel (plays as usual all day until before the concert)
19:30 – 19:40 Improvisation on Solkreds (Jakob Buchanan, trumpet, Mira Siegel, vocals)
19:40 – 19:55 Summer Solstice, new composition for trumpet, voice and computer (Jakob Buchanan, trumpet, Mira Siegel, vocals, Wayne Siegel, motion-tracking performance system)
19:55 – 20:00 Sommervisen (traditional Danish summer song with audience participation)
20:00 – 20:30 MIRA (duo performing original compositions inspired by Celtic music, Mira Siegel, vocals, Camilla Overgaard, guitar)
20:30 – 22:00 Solkreds –permanent sound installation by Wayne Siegel